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Cultivating a Practice, by Christina Carney

“Emerge” by Christina Carney


I’ve written a lot about cultivating a practice in this blog. I do so not because of some theory, or because it sounds good, but because I live it. It has probably been the most important thing I’ve ever done for my wellness, spirituality and creativity. It is a foundation and a safety net for those times when I’m struggling with life and my wellness is suffering. I refuse to call it a “coping skill”, because it is so much more: It keeps me plugged in to both my Self, and to the Divine.

The most recent addition to my practice (which has been fairly fluid over the last 15 years) is yoga. I’ll be honest, I was reluctant to do it but whatever the reasons for that, I feel like I’ve come to it at just the right time in my life.

My experience with yoga:

Building strength and igniting my core


Agility and flexibility


Complete and total presence and awareness


A deeper relationship to my body and the wisdom that it carries

Breath (because really, I can never have enough reminders to keep breathing)


Here’s another beautiful thing about having a practice: it teaches you how to live. Everything on the list above can be used at any time, in any situation.  I found the same thing with art in my practice.

My experience with art:

Move fluidly between small details and big picture

Let go of the outcome

Allow space for my feelings

Lead with my intuition

We create with action – without action it’s just a lovely dream

And whether it’s art, yoga, writing or any other form of practice, there are profound insights around every corner of my psyche, waiting to be discovered and integrated. It provides a container for raising consciousness and personal transformation.

So much more than a coping skill.

I’d like to end this post with a question and a suggestion: Do you have a practice and if not, is now the time? I can promise you, you won’t regret it.

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