About Us

Our Mission

Via Hope promotes wellness and recovery through peer support training, workforce development, and organizational change work.


The word Via means “traveling through (a place) en route to a destination”. “Hope” is an important concept in recovery. Together, the words “Via Hope” symbolize the journey individuals take to recovery. The tree in the logo symbolizes, among other things, the continual cycle of renewal and rebirth.

Our Vision

We envision a world where lived experience is valued within systems and communities.

Our Values

Via Hope’s core values are deeply woven into our mission, our organizational culture, and the work we do every day.  We invest in people and organizations who want to re-envision systems of care and we respond to the needs of our partners and colleagues to build environments of learning, compassion, and healing.

Our work is anchored in these four core values:

  • Equity and Justice:
    We exist to amplify the vision that all people, families, and communities deserve to thrive and not just survive through inclusive and intersectional programming and partnerships.
  • Transformation:
    As change-agents, we re-envision behavioral health through a lens of resiliency, compassion, trust, and growth while responding to the needs of individuals, communities, organizations, and systems.
  • Authenticity:
    We are committed to ethical best practices, transparency around lived experience, and clear intentions internally and across our program pillars, learning communities, certification trainings, and continuing education.
  • Community:
    We seek to have individuals empower themselves , build relationships, and connect people to each other as they move forward on their wellness and recovery journeys in peer support settings across a variety of mental health and nontraditional spaces.
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