Our Mission

Via Hope is changing the way we all think about behavioral health.

Via Hope’s Identity Statement


Invest. Re-Envision. Respond.

We will invest in trauma-responsive people and organizations who want to re-envision systems of care. We will respond to the needs of our partners and colleagues to build environments of learning, compassion and healing.

We will passionately promote the power and wisdom of people with lived experience as necessary leaders in all of our work.


We exist to amplify the vision that all people, families, and communities deserve to thrive and not just survive! For us, this will look like:

  • Self-determination for all people and families in decisions related to their health and spirit;
  • Systems imbued with core principles of resiliency, compassion, and trust, that respond to the needs of their communities;
  • A socially and politically equitable world free from stigma;
  • A culture where authenticity and transparency around lived experience is seen and valued as a necessary strength in leadership.


Workforce Development

We will support the growth of individuals and organizations by:

  • Providing high quality training and continuing education
  • Creating innovative programs and policies to support professional development
  • Offering and promoting platforms for relationship building, consultation and education through webinars, conferences, collaborations and events.
  • Ensuring that our programs and partnerships are intersectional and inclusive through collaboration with experts in their respective fields; and
  • Providing training and consultation to behavioral health professionals including clinicians, executive leadership, and support staff on topics like person centered recovery planning, peer services implementation, and recovery-oriented care.
Leadership Development
  • We will uplift and support emerging and established leaders, with a specific emphasis on amplifying the voices of people with lived experience, by:
  • Developing innovative programs and trainings to spark peoples’ strengths, creativity, and confidence as leaders;
  • Providing ongoing opportunities for collaboration, intentional networking and both organizational and programmatic support for peer organizations;
  • Cultivating environments where people feel empowered to become leaders and have the support they need to flourish; and
  • Promoting the vision, creativity and leadership of our workforce in the community and beyond.
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