Peer Specialist Training & Certification

Since 2010, Via Hope has provided the only ongoing training and certification program for Certified Peer Specialists in Texas.  During the last twelve years, we have trained and certified over 2,000 individuals.

Effective January 1, 2019, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission implemented a new peer support benefit for the state Medicaid Program.  There is a specific training and certification process that must be followed for peers to be eligible to bill Medicaid.  Once certified, individuals will have the credential of “Mental Health Peer Specialist” (MHPS) or Recovery Support Peer Specialist (RSPS), rather than the designation of Certified Peer Specialist (CPS).  An RSPS is a peer specialist that works in the substance use area.

International Reentry Peer Specialist Certification

Via Hope has become one of the nations leader in preparing Reentry Peer Specialist through our specifically designed healing centered curriculum.

CPS Peer Group
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