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Recovery Institute

Via Hope’s Recovery Institute works to promote behavioral health system transformation by supporting organizations and professionals as they put person-centered, trauma-responsive principles into action. 

Recovery Institute initiatives are designed to support the implementation of new practices, shift organizational culture, promote innovation, and increase collaboration within and among teams, preparing organizations to meet the challenges and opportunities arising in our rapidly changing environment.

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“Without the support and technical assistance provided through Via Hope, we would not be nearly as progressed in the Recovery Oriented System of Care or peer integration as we now are. The resources have been invaluable in moving our organization from one of a behavioral system to one of recovery.”
PSI Participant, 2016

Who We Are

The Recovery Institute is a small team of clinical and peer professionals dedicated to behavioral health systems change. This in-house expertise draws from decades of field-based work with individuals living with behavioral health challenges. Our team also extends to a network of consultants from around the country.

A Focus on Engagement & Local Solutions

Just as true person-centered practice responds directly to the values, motivations, and immediate needs determined by individuals in recovery, our methods are keenly focused on the unique priorities and strengths of the organizations and staff members we support. Drawing on best practices in adult learning and implementation science, our team prioritizes staff engagement and local solutions, as people closest to the work find practical ways to put new concepts and standards into practice. This local ownership leads to sustainable changes that reflect the identity and values of the workforce and the agency. Whether it be a workshop, planning session, organizational assessment, or coaching session, Recovery Institute activities have a “roll up your sleeves” quality that puts participants front and center.

“Authenticity, humor, warmth, air of collaboration, approachability of trainers – all of these created a safe space for learning!”
Demystifying Workshop Participant Oct, 2018


The Program on Recovery and Community Health at Yale University has played an important role over the last decade to support our efforts to build in-house expertise, develop curriculum, and, at times, join us in the delivery of high quality workshops and consultation. 

Many of the Recovery Institute programs have been evaluated by and developed in collaboration with Texas Institute of Excellence on Mental Health (TIEMH) at University of Texas at Austin. You can view those Evaluation Reports here.

Contexts, Populations and Focus Areas

The Recovery Institute supports the implementation of recovery-oriented practice with behavioral health programs that serve: adults, young people, family members, veterans, people with housing needs, people living with serious mental health conditions, people in recovery from substance use challenges, and those with past or present justice system involvement. All Recovery Institute initiatives incorporate topics on recovery, themes in social justice, the role of lived experience, staff wellness, and trauma-responsive environments. Additionally, each program focuses on a set of measurable changes in a particular area, such as: 

  • Peer services implementation, 
  • Person centered recovery planning, and 
  • Use of Wellness Recovery Action Plan® (WRAP®)
Whether we are looking at housing, education, healthcare, or employment, having an awareness and understanding of empowerment and recovery is critical to progress. Their staff bring a unique combination of systems knowledge, clinical insight, and lived experience to deliver training and supports that truly make a difference for the people of our communities.
Community-Based Housing Program Director, 2020
Recovery Institute Activities

All Recovery Institute programs provide rich learning opportunities while also incorporating time for personal and organization-focused reflection to identify goals for change and identify steps forward. Activities may include virtual or in-person workshops, consultation sessions, strategic planning exercises, site visits, focus groups, and staff surveys. Some activities are conducted with a single site, allowing the deep exploration of issues and goals specific to that agency. Other activities bring people together from across agencies to facilitate collaboration and learning throughout the system. 

To inquire about training or consultation for your agency, contact [email protected].

Certified Community Behavioral Health Center (CCBHC) requirements

As agencies across the US work to adopt a Certified Community Behavioral Health Center (CCBHC) model, organizational leaders are working to implement new strategies for consumer engagement and foster self-direction among people they support. Implementing person-centered treatment planning and effectively using professional peer providers are essential in achieving this important shift in behavioral healthcare. The Recovery Institute team works closely with agency leaders to meet these new quality standards and realize the benefits of this exciting opportunity.

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