Wellness Recovery Action Plan® (WRAP®

Wellness Recovery Action Planning®, or WRAP®, is a process that anyone can use to get well, stay well, and make their life the way they want it to be. Rooted in the principle of self-determination, WRAP® is an effective, evidence-based tool for personal wellness and discovery.

Certified WRAP® Facilitators work within groups to guide people in developing their own WRAP® plan. While this tool can be used by anyone who wants to make a positive change in the way they feel and react to life, it often has a specific focus such as managing mental health or substance use challenges or re-entering society following incarceration. 

Although WRAP® is routinely offered within clinical settings, it is considered to be a personal wellness tool, not a clinical treatment or formal service plan. In fact, details contained within individual WRAP® plans are not necessarily shared with the person’s professional team of providers. 

The Link to Peer Support and Person Centered Practices

Although WRAP® Facilitators can have a variety of professional backgrounds, people with lived experience – especially those in a professional peer support role – are particularly well suited to lead the WRAP® process. Behavioral health agencies are noticing the benefits of this tool, as it can support people in gaining a greater sense of ownership over their wellness. WRAP® can also foster more participation by the person before and during a formal service planning process, as they get support to identify many of their needs, preferences, and existing assets for recovery. 

Via Hope Support

Via Hope supports agencies working to implement or strengthen a WRAP® program by providing the following:

  • Basic WRAP® I Seminar for people to develop their own WRAP®
  • WRAP® II Seminar for people to become WRAP® Facilitators
  • Refresher Training (recommended for WRAP® Facilitators every two years) 
  • Coaching/mentoring for WRAP® Facilitators 
  • Consultation on implementation topics (e.g. medical record documentation, strategies for building on-site capacity for facilitation, coaching and supervision) 

The Connection to Staff Wellness

Organizations with a serious commitment to creating trauma-responsive, person-centered environments of care are focusing on staff wellness. WRAP® I seminars can be offered to a group of staff with a focus on personal wellness strategies for the workplace. This kind of offering goes beyond typical employee wellness programs and, as the result of the intimate nature of WRAP® sessions, can foster a deeper level of peer-based connection and support among staff working in environments where compassion fatigue, burnout and secondary trauma are common. Consequently, Via Hope believes that by offering WRAP® organizations can make a positive impact on overall work performance and productivity, along with staff retention.

WRAP® Across Texas

Via Hope has been promoting WRAP® in the home state of Texas since 2009. The Wrap Across Texas initiative aimed to expand local access to WRAP® by offering a series of training and coaching opportunities. To date, Via Hope has directly supported over 250 people in creating their own WRAP® and over 100 people in becoming certified WRAP® Facilitators.

Interest & Scholarship Request FORM

Via Hope’s Recovery Institute would like to know how many people throughout Texas are interested to attend a Wellness Recovery Action Plan® (WRAP®) session – or get other WRAP® support, such as facilitator mentoring or agency oriented implementation support – in the coming year. Your information will assist us as we schedule WRAP® events in varying locations throughout the state. This will serve as an extension of the WRAP® Across Texas program offered by Via Hope years ago that provided many Texas based peer specialists the foundation to provide (and personally benefit from) this recovery-oriented, non clinical, evidence-based practice.

Financial Support for WRAP® Attendees and Facilitators
All WRAP® events are offered as in-person sessions (with the exception of virtual mentoring and implementation support), so travel/lodging expenses will be required for many to attend.   We are also gathering data from people who lack the funds to participate, perhaps because they are not affiliated with an agency or their employer does not have it in their budget. The Recovery Institute hopes to offer a few spaces at reduced or no charge to participants at all WRAP® sessions (once our costs are covered with other registrations). We are also seeking funds to provide entire sessions at no charge to participants in the future.
When will I know if I’m getting a scholarship?
Right now, we cannot guarantee the availability of any scholarships for upcoming WRAP® events, but this data will assist us as we anticipate scholarship requests, as well as seek funding for ongoing low-cost or free sessions/support in the future. We will certainly use your contact info (should you provide it below) to keep you informed of various opportunities as they arise. Thanks for your time and interest!

Please complete this form if you are interested in giving us input on this WRAP® program and/or receiving financial assistance with ANY upcoming WRAP® events.

Find out more about WRAP® at The Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery.

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