Person Centered Recovery Planning

The shift to a Person-Centered Recovery Planning process requires essential, fundamental shifts in system, culture and practice transformation and is mutually reinforcing with other changes in the field.

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Peer Specialist Training & Certification

A Via Hope Certified Peer Specialist (CPS) is an individual in recovery with mental illness who has been trained to effectively use their recovery story to help other individuals with their recovery. The intensive 40-hour training

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Peer Specialist Integration

As the value of peer support has become recognized and the interest in hiring peer specialists has increased, so has the demand for effective consultative support for the integration of this new workforce into provider settings.

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Family Partner Training & Certification

Via Hope trains and certifies Family Partners in the state of Texas. A Certified Family Partner (CFP) is a parent or guardian who has experience raising a child with mental or emotional challenges and who has learned

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Youth and Young Adult Engagement

There are two major components to Via Hope’s efforts to engage youth and young adults, age 14 to 24. First, we with individuals in promoting mental health advocacy, awareness, and education. There is power

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Recovery Institute

The overall purpose of the Recovery Institute is to promote system transformation by helping organizations develop an organizational culture that supports and expects recovery; and promoting consumer, youth and family voice in transformation

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Consumer Operated Service Provider Institute

Consumer-Operated Service Providers (COSPs) are independent organizations operated and governed by people in recovery. A fundamental component of COSP services is peer support. COSPs have a unique and

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Peer Engagement

Via Hope was created as an effort to increase the voices of people with lived experience in the public mental health system. Many Via Hope initiatives, therefore, relate directly to people in recovery. There are several advocacy and support organizations that represent mental health

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Sponsored Trainings

Each year, Via Hope sponsors trainings provided by a variety of organizations based on our identified priorities. Registration for these trainings is typically handled by the organization that conducts the training. These trainings are provided at no cost to the

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Via Hope, Texas Mental Health Resource

provides training, technical assistance and consultation to individuals in recovery from mental illness, their family members, youth who are interested in mental health, and mental health professionals throughout the state of Texas. Via Hope works to transform the Texas mental health system into one that fosters resilience, promotes recovery, is person-centered, and consumer, youth and family-driven. Learn more about our programs.