What it Takes

Our Process

The Path to Becoming a Certified Peer Specialist

Step 1

Review the online orientation materials and complete the self-assessment. This will enable you to apply for training on the Core training to become a Peer Specialist.

Step 2

Apply and take the Core training. Complete the application and submit it with payment by credit card. The current fee is $250 (non-refundable). The Core training is a three day eLearning (Zoom) interactive concluding with a short knowledge assessment. Once you complete and pass the knowledge assessment you will be able to apply for supplemental training.

Step 3

Apply for Supplemental Training. Via Hope offers the Mental Health Peer Specialist Training. Applications are reviewed and a scoring rubric is applied to all applicants by certified Peer Specialists.  If accepted, you will be sent an invoice for payment of the current $650 registration fee. The supplemental training is a five-day, 40 hour, eLearning training. Once you pass the knowledge assessment you will be ready to apply for certification. 

Step 4

Apply for certification with (TCB) Texas Certification Board: Refer to TCB’s website for all information on how to apply for certification. Via Hope is not involved in this certification process and cannot provide any additional information. The initial certification is valid for six months. During this time, you must complete 250 hours of supervised work experience. You may then apply for a full two-year certification period.

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