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Drumroll, please…

I present to you…the Peer Voice Blog! This blog is for Peer Voice alumni, current participants of Peer Voice and anyone who is interested exploring leadership from the inside out and celebrating peer leaders.

Here’s what you’ll see: relevant articles, entries written by Peer Voice alumni, announcements, posts written by me and the occasional pic or two. At some point, I plan to expand to video.

You can comment on the posts as well; let’s get some good conversations flowing!

In Community,

Christina Carney, CPS

Peer Voice Project Coordinator

7 thoughts on “Drumroll, please…”


      I so love this. Thank you. It’s very cool. Love the colors. The font. White space.

      In case you’re wondering what I’m doing currently, I’ll tell you now.

      I’ve acquired my State of Georgia Certified Peer Specialist certification via the good ol’ GMHCN and the related Trainer, or Facilitator certifications with the usual national training providers. I spent a few good years working in a 14 county Appalachia frontier region (Region I, Benchmark Human Services AWS USA Mobile Crisis Intervention triage team as CPS). I wanted to get a first hand taste of what frontier or rural public community mental health in Georgia looked like after working the State of Texas, via HOPE, DSHS et al (my training ground).

      After a dismal failed effort as Principal Investigator, Project Manager, Assistant Director for the Washington, DC Recovery Network SAMHSA/CMHS Statewide Consumer Network Grant finished up in DC, I continued helping the State of Maryland by developing and designing their Certified Peer Recovery Specialist (CPRS) concept and model, helped co-author and trained inception class for the State of Maryland Integrated Forensic Peer Recovery Specialist (CPRS) Endorsement. I left after the State of Maryland’s Transition Age Youth (CPRS) Endorsement model was submitted to Maryland’s Recovery Institute, University of Maryland School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry and Psychology and the Maryland Behavioral Institute. Maryland was kind to me.

      I had a fantastic opportunity of CPSing with Community Friendship, Inc., in Midtown Atlanta working 1st hand in the kitchen and side by side with my Peers who I service with and for.

      I’m finishing up my 1st year as a Special Education K-12 Interrelated English Language Arts (Grades 9-12) at Clayton County Public Schools at Charles R. Drew High School. I successfully applied (for CCPS and Drew) for national technical assistance with BRSS TACS, partnering with the State of Georgia Council on Substance Abuse.

      But I miss doing CPS work primarily.

      Thank you for indulging me.

      Jen Padron, CPS (2007), M.Ed

  1. Love this newer site. I just posted a response under someone so I won’t rewrite everything.

    Keep up the wonderful work y’all.

    Take care,


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