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Celebrating You, by Christina Carney


When was the last time you paused? Took a breath? Sat in silence? When was the last time you reflected on your life? Your work?

Life moves so fast, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with yourself.

I’m a minimizer. My response tends to be the same, no matter what I accomplish: “that’s done – what’s next?” No celebration, no stopping to soak up a job well done, I just keep moving forward. It’s a habit I’m trying to change but it’s a process. One of the things that contributes to this – for me anyway – is the idea that celebrating an accomplishment is “boastful”, or “arrogant.” But the other side of this idea is that nothing I do is ever enough and then I spend ample time criticizing myself. It’s demoralizing and while it may keep me moving forward, there is no sense of satisfaction, contentment, or completion.

What’s stopping you from celebrating your accomplishments? I’m not just talking about big accomplishments, but all the successes, no matter how small they may seem to you. Maybe your someone who feels comfortable with celebrating your successes. If so, let us know what your celebration looks like.

Have you ever done a gratitude list, thinking of all the things you’re grateful for? I invite you to take a moment now to do the same thing with your accomplishments, whatever they are. No judgments on what’s big enough, or worthy of celebrating – just acknowledgment of the places where you’ve struggled through and came out the other side. Recognizing the work you’ve done to accomplish something may feel awkward but try it anyway. You deserve it and you are worthy.

Celebrating Peer Voice Project Alum

I heard from Peer Voice alum, Tracey Moore (2019 cohort) about a project that she and another alum, Jill Jendrzey (cohort 2019) were a part of, working with a group of women to share their recovery stories in public. You can see the news clip here. Congrats Tracey and Jill!

Current Peer Voice Project participant, Lemanda Del Toro shared this news: “I was able to do my first video interview for my PEER Voice Project with Ken Kraybill, Director of T3 training, this past Friday! The interview was trauma-informed focused and explored the stigmas the public has regarding trauma and its symptoms.” Congrats Lemanda!


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