Peer Voice Project

Peer Voice Project

A year-long transformational leadership program for peers.

The Peer Voice Project incorporates practices that will strengthen your ability to increasingly step into leadership roles with confidence, along with tools and support to successfully achieve your personal and organizational visions.

The Peer Voice Project is a hybrid program, consisting of four interactive in-person gatherings, five online learning modules, and one webinar. Some topics include: leadership styles, communication skills, social justice, team building, grant writing, event organizing, advocacy, self-care, and healing-centered leadership. Participants will have the hands-on experience of building a community or agency based project of their choice. Leadership mentoring is also available throughout the year with Peer Voice Project Coordinator, Christina Carney.

Eligibility requirements: lived experience with recovery (you do not have to be certified or working to apply) and access to a computer for eLearning.

Completion requirements: complete all eLearning modules and attend all gatherings.

Application for 2020 has closed.

Peer Voice Alumni

Graduates of the Peer Voice Project can keep up to date with our blog, contact other alum through a directory, and receive support for new or ongoing projects through mentoring calls. Alumni will have the opportunity to come together for an annual gathering to connect with their cohort and meet other graduates of the program.

For more information regarding the Peer Voice Project or Alumni, please contact coordinator Christina Carney.

Peer Voice Project Alumni Courses

The Following courses are available at no cost to Peer Voice Alumni.

Project Support: Building the Container
When it comes to implementing new ideas and projects it’s helpful to be intentional about the ways you set yourself up for greatness, whether it’s finding the right organizational tool, or figuring out who can help support you. This course includes a video, powerpoint and a short list of assignments. 1 CEU is available upon completion.

Resources and the Art of Asking
A significant part of the process of implementing a new project is figuring out what resources you need, where to find them, and how to ask for them. This course includes a short intro video, a Ted Talk by Amanda Palmer, titled “The Art of Asking”, and a short list of assignments to help you on your way. 1 CEU is available upon completion.

Presentation Tips and Writing a Bio
This course offers some tips and techniques for creating and giving presentations. It also offers some guidance for writing a bio. It includes a video, powerpoint and suggested assignment. There is 1 CEU available for completing this course.

Event Organizing
No matter the size of your event, or what type of event it is, there are a lot of things to consider and steps to take in order to make it successful. This course offers several tips, suggestions and resources to help you with the process. It includes a video, powerpoint, several articles and a short list of suggested assignments. 1 CEU is available upon completion.

Grant Writing
You’ll have a chance to hear from Dr. Merideth Erickson in this course, on the nuts and bolts of grant writing. Learn who can apply for a grant, how you can apply, where to look for grants and more. This course includes an hour long video with Dr. Erickson, along with some resources to explore. 1 CEU is available upon completion.

For access to these courses, Peer Voice Alumni can contact Christina Carney

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