Peer, Family, and Youth Engagement

In 2003, the President’s New Freedom Commission called for transforming the country’s mental health system to one focused on recovery; one that is “consumer, family, and youth driven”. In support of that goal, part of Via Hope’s role is to increase the collective voice of people in recovery (PIRs), their family members, and Transition Age Youth in the public mental health system.

Many Via Hope initiatives are designed to engage and develop leadership in these populations to make their voices heard.  Following are some examples.

In FY2015, Via Hope launched the PIR (People in Recovery) Voice Project, which develops leadership capacity among people with lived experience in Texas. More information is available on the PIR Voice Project webpage:

Via Hope works closely with the System of Care grant team at the Texas Institute for Excellence in Mental Health (TIEMH), particularly around developing family and youth voice.
Via Hope has provided financial assistance to enable individuals with lived experience to attend events such as the national Alternatives Conference in Austin in 2013, the iNAPS (International Association of Peer Supporters) in 2015, and the Texas PeerFest Conference in Corpus Christi in 2016.

Via Hope has worked with various consumer leaders since 2009 to develop a grassroots consumer network for Texas, with the goal of empowering a culture of recovery and wellness for people with lived experience of recovery from mental health concerns.