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PeerFest 2020: Peer Navigator


Please complete no later than Friday, March 13th

Notifications will be sent no later than March 31st


There will be training provided by members of the PeerFest Welcome Committee that is required in order to be a Peer Navigator at PeerFest 2020.



The Benefit of Being a PEER NAVIGATOR at PeerFest 2020!

As a peer leader in Texas, your skills and abilities can be put to great use by being a Peer Navigator!

Your ability to connect and build relationships with others who have lived experience of mental health challenges is necessary to put at ease others who might not have been able to attend this type of event before and assist them in having the best experience before.

Your ability to rely on your own good decision-making, allows others to feel safe in a new and unknown environment.

You will have the opportunity to meet and support a diverse group of people who are attending PeerFest 2020. Some attendees may have challenges you are unfamiliar with. You can still be a support. Peer support is about finding our commonality and shared experience. In addition to mental health issues, some people may be challenged with:

  • Being shy, introverted or uncomfortable in crowds;
  • Hearing loss;
  • Challenges with mobility;
  • Being alone in an unfamiliar place;
  • Transportation and homelessness;
  • Many others.


Your life experience does not have to fully match someone else’s to make a connection; just have an open mind and heart with a willingness to ask questions for clarity and communicate.


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