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PeerFest 2020: Scholarship Application

**This form is for scholarships only. For registration and payment, please click here.**

Scholarship Application


Notifications will be sent no later than Wednesday, March 11th by 5pm


Via Hope and the Hogg Foundation are offering limited scholarships to peers that would otherwise not be able to attend PeerFest. Prior to requesting scholarship, we ask that you first reach out to your employer and/or support networks. If you are employed, we ask that you provide a letter from your employer stating that they are unable to cover the funding requested. Please note that we also require a personal statement from you within the application. If any required information is not completed, your scholarship request will not be considered.

PeerFest starts at 4PM on Monday, 4/27 (Registration open 1PM-4PM) and ends at 12PM on Wednesday, 4/29. More details in the below form and at


If you need assistance with completing this application, please contact us at [email protected].



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