WRAP® Support Group

WRAP® Support Group

Due to a recent announcement by the Copeland Center no organizations will be allowed to offer WRAP® Seminar 1 online.

Via Hope is excited  to offer the 8 session Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP®)Support Group model of this work.  During the 8 group sessions participants can expect skills developed through lectures, discussions, and individual exercises.  These sessions are for anyone that seeks to increase their wellness. Additionally, it is an opportunity to create your own WRAP® plan in a supportive environment creating a space for community as well as the participant being able to focus on their own life and making a positive change in the way they feel and interact in life

“People who use WRAP® say it helps them feel better more often and improves the overall quality of their lives.  Over time, they have found that it can easily be adapted to deal with any situation in their lives—-anything from deep sadness to arthritis, from substance use to hearing voices, from panic attacks to diabetes to grieving the death of a loved one.  In WRAP®, we believe there are no limits to recovery and wellness.

WRAP is designed to:

  • Decrease and prevent unwanted or troubling feelings and behaviors
  • Increase the personal choices we make about how we live our lives
  • Improve quality of live
  • Help us achieve our life goals and dreams” 1

Key WRAP® concepts and values are illustrated through examples from the lives of the co-facilitators and participants. 2-credits per day.

1Wellness Recovery Action Plan: Renewing Your Wellness your Way Copyright 2018 Advocates for Human Potential

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