Peer Practice: Telling Our Stories

Peer Practice: Telling Our Stories

Peer Practice: Telling Our Stories is a one-day, virtual training that offers Peer Specialists an opportunity to deepen their understanding of the impact and power of sharing recovery stories, ensure that they are aligned with Peer Values in sharing their story, further develop their own recovery story, practice sharing their story in the context of individual work, and to refine their practice of utilizing snippets with individuals and in group setting

Peer Practice: Telling Our Stories was developed for Peer Specialists who have been certified in states that offer certification, and working for a minimum of six months. 

The training is comprised of seven modules that are largely experiential, with several activities. The activities are a combination of reflection and journaling, to focus on renewing the Peer Specialists’ current recovery story, and partner work to practice sharing and receive feedback. Participants work with the same partner throughout the day, to create an experience similar to working with those they serve. 6 CEUs

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