Peer Specialist Supervisor Training

Peer Specialist Supervisor Training

This 2-day training meets the requirements for people seeking the Peer Specialist Supervisor Certification under Texas Administrative Code, Rules 354.3105 and 354.3163. The certification qualification is necessary for organizations planning to bill Medicaid using the newly established Peer Services billing code. This workshop provides basic information that will benefit anyone providing direct supervision to Peer Specialists.

This interactive training is comprised of didactic content, video presentations from a variety of subject matter experts, participatory exercises, and workplace scenarios. Modules are focused on the following topics: Peer Foundation, Supervisor Foundation, Non-Peer Specialists Supervising Peers, Group Supervision, and Supervision Scenarios.

Upon completion of the training, and passing of an online knowledge assessment, participants will be required to apply directly to Texas Certification Board for credentialing click here or Wales Education Services: click here.


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On Site Training About Peer Specialist Supervision & Peer Services Program Implementation

As an alternative to the Peer Specialist Supervisor training, Via Hope will also offer a 2-day training option to organizations interested in going beyond the basic certification content. This 2-day workshop will address additional topics related to the implementation of peer services, (e.g. hiring practices, common HR scenarios, addressing organizational barriers) and dive a little deeper into supervisory practices. The 2-day workshop will meet requirements for the Peer Specialist Supervisor certification. However, the training is designed for a mixed audience to include people who are NOT in a direct supervisory role, such as non-peer professionals working alongside peer specialists and executive leaders working to strengthen the peer services program. The target audience for this workshop is not peer professionals, although a few peer workers often attend to participate in conversations about how peer work is being shaped at their organization.

If you’re interested in this on-site training, please contact Alejandra Adan, Peer Services Implementation Coordinator.