In March of 2022, the Wyoming Independent Living, Independent Living Specialists attended “Group Facilitation: A Peer-Based Approach”, as a team-building activity and to gather tools and best practices for facilitated group activities our specialists facilitate for people with disabilities throughout Eastern Wyoming.  Not only did the team get an array of best practices and tools to be great facilitators we also received so much more.  Christina and Maisha took the time to learn who we were as an entity and a team and presented the material in a way that related directly to the work we do with people with disabilities.  They gave us a safe space so each one of us was able to talk and add to the conversation.  The team not only learned best practices and the tools we need to facilitate; we also were made aware of the importance of setting values of what we want to accomplish as a team.  So much was learned about facilitating by the content and examples presented, but also by listening and watching these best practices be used by our facilitators.  Not only were our expectations met by this training, but they were exceeded.

Wyoming Independent Living Group

It’s been a blessing meeting these wonderful people and sharing in a history-making field.

Ginger Hollis, RPS participant

[RPS] was so on point that we watched the layers of the onion peel one after another as all class attendees showed up authentically. Professionally, the class allowed me to look at trauma from a new set of lenses and personally, it allowed me to look at myself as not a human doing but as a human being that has pulled the wagon in the opposite direction from time to time. It was an unmasking in a safe space that allowed individuals to be who they are without judgment, stigma, or shame.

Meredith Stacy Jones, RPS participant
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