Trauma Responsive – Healing Centered Training

Introduction to Trauma Responsive – Healing Centered: An Approach for Peers Working with Trauma

Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) has been evolving over the last few decades and has acted as a catalyst for change in how services are delivered in health care. This work has been critical and far-reaching; we also understand that there’s still room for the paradigm to continue to evolve.

Writing for Medium, an online magazine, Dr. Shawn Ginwright introduces us to the next shift in TIC in an article titled, “The Future of Healing: Shifting from Trauma Informed Care to Healing Centered Engagement.”

Inspired by Dr.Ginwright’s article, Introduction to Healing-Centered Peer Support: An Approach for Peers Working with Trauma, is a three-day training that provides participants with a foundation for understanding what trauma is, how trauma impacts people and communities, what healing looks like, and how peers can use these concepts and their own lived experience to best support people who are navigating trauma and/or exploring healing. Throughout the training, participants will have opportunities to explore and define their own story of trauma and healing through various activities and structured reflection. The training also explores secondary trauma and self-care.

Those who have taken the Texas Trauma-Informed Peer Support Training (TTIPS) will still find this training beneficial personally, and to their work, as the basic concepts they learned there are built and expanded on.

Although Via Hope has many programs that focus on the mental health peer workforce, Introduction to Healing-Centered Peer Support: An Approach for Peers Working with Trauma is appropriate for anyone working or volunteering (or interested in working or volunteering) as a peer supporter. As long as they have shared lived experience with the people they will support, eligible participants can work in a variety of fields: adult and children’s mental health, substance use, primary medical care, veteran’s support, family support (including parental mental health), etc.

Introduction to Healing-Centered Peer Support: An Approach for Peers Working with Trauma was collaboratively designed and written by Christina Carney and Darcy Kues. Christina Carney, an MHPS with extensive experience in the field of trauma and healing, is currently the Peer Voice Coordinator at Via Hope. Darcy Kues, J.D. is an independent consultant with expertise in curriculum design and writing for nonprofit organizations. Development was funded by the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health.

19 CEUs are awarded upon completion.

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