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2018 PCRP Program Announcement and Implementation Booster

2018 PCRP Program Announcement and Implementation Booster

This webinar introduced the upcoming PCRP Learning Community program and offered a quick review of the practice of person-centered recovery planning and organizational implementation strategies, along with lessons learned in Texas.


Files available for download here:

  1. A copy of the slides
  2. Audio file from the webinar
  3. Clinical CEU Request form (to send to UT School of Social Work)
  4. Handout: Top Ten Concerns About Person-Centered Care Planning in Mental Health Systems

(We opted not to post the full recording due to file size and technical issues, which prevented slides from advancing near the beginning.)

For the 2018 Person Centered Recovery Planning (PCRP) program, Via Hope will offer a PCRP Learning Community focused on capacity building for local, agency-based PCRP training.

Over the course of the program, selected teams of trainers can expect to:

  • Deepen skill and knowledge of Person Centered Recovery Planning;
  • Expand facilitation skills;
  • Effectively train staff within their own organizations on PCRP;
  • Promote effective use of peer support in care planning;
  • Understand the importance of internal person-centered practices and caring for staff experiencing compassion fatigue, secondary trauma, and/or burnout; and
  • Develop a community of trainers within and across organizations, have access to subject matter experts, and receive individualized coaching and on-site consultation.

Downloadable Files

Jan 24 – PCRP Webinar Slides

Clinical CEU Request Form – Jan 24 Webinar

Audio from Jan 24 PCRP Webinar

Top Ten Concerns

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