Recovery Institute Workshops

Recovery Institute Workshops

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, Via Hope is currently offering all trainings virtually using Zoom technology. 

Person Centered Recovery Planning (PCRP): A Taster

How do the principles of Person Centered Recovery Planning (PCRP) play out in our everyday decision-making? In this FREE 90-min session, participants will work in small groups to explore a scenario that challenges us to put person-centered values into action. This session is geared toward anyone working in behavioral health care and provides a sample of the 2-day workshop. 

No tasters scheduled at this time.

Person-Centered: Reimagining Planning and Partnership in Recovery

In this two-day “roll up your sleeves” PCRP workshop, participants will learn the fundamentals of this evidence based practice – including the importance of hope, autonomy, and supporting the dignity of risk. Participants can expect small group discussions with professionals from around the country, scenario-based application of concepts, and practice plan writing. This session is geared toward anyone working in behavioral health care.

11 CEU’s (3 Ethics) to peer and clinical professionals

No trainings scheduled at this time.

Attention Texas-based providers: Additional dates offered through Centralized Training.

Person Centered Recovery Planning (PCRP): Refresher on Goals and Objectives

In this 2-hour virtual session, participants will review the critical role of goals and objectives in Person Centered Recovery Planning (PCRP), consider key differences between the two, and practice creating stronger goals and objectives that honor the person and satisfy chart requirements. This session is geared toward any behavioral health professional seeking to bolster their basic knowledge of person-centered planning and is a recommended follow up to the 2-day workshop, Person Centered: Reimagining Partnership and Planning

2 CEU’s  to peer and clinical professionals

No trainings scheduled at this time.

Peer Services Implementation (PSI): A Taster

What do we mean by “integration” when discussing peer services at behavioral health clinics? In this FREE 90-min session, participants will learn about the 5 domains of Peer Services Implementation and reflect on typical challenges related to integration of peer services at behavioral health agencies, using concepts of isolation, integration, and co-optation. This session is geared toward anyone working in behavioral health care who is interested in learning more about the role of peer support and provides a sample of the 2-day workshop: Demystifying the Peer Workforce.

No tasters scheduled at this time.

Demystifying the Peer Workforce: Ethical Considerations for Non-Peer Professionals 

This 2-day, virtual PSI workshop is designed to provide participants with an understanding of the role of Mental Health Peer Specialists, the value they add to the organizations where they work, and common challenges experienced when implementing peer support services in traditional behavioral health provider settings. The primary audience for this interactive workshop is administrators, supervisors, and clinical staff working alongside peer professionals.

11 total CEU’s (3 Ethics & 11 Peer Support & Leadership) to peer and clinical professionals

No trainings scheduled at this time.

NOTE: Those who have completed the Peer Specialist Supervisor (PSS) certification course may elect to attend only Day 2 of this workshop, due to an overlap in content on Day 1.

WRAP® Support Group

Via Hope is excited  to offer the 8 session WRAP Support Group model of this work.  During the 8 group sessions participants can expect skills developed through lectures, discussions, and individual exercises. Key WRAP® concepts and values are illustrated through examples from the lives of the co-facilitators and participants.

2 CEUs per day to peer professionals

WRAP® Facilitator Training & Mentoring

This training is appropriate for anyone who would like to lead WRAP® groups, work with others to develop their own WRAP® and give presentations on mental health recovery related issues to groups or organizations. Attendees are expected to have a solid working knowledge of WRAP® and share their experiential knowledge of how WRAP® can work. The WRAP® Facilitator training provides an experiential learning environment based on mutuality. Participants in this training will be asked to participate in interactive learning activities and demonstrate their own experience with WRAP®.  WRAP® Facilitators can also get mentoring from a Via Hope Advanced Level Facilitator.

WRAP® Facilitator training is provided in-person, and due to COVID-19 related restrictions on in-person public events, Via Hope does not currently have any scheduled. If interested in getting support for WRAP® Facilitators, please complete this short form to discuss options.

Peer Specialist Supervisor Training (PSS)

This 2-day training meets the requirements for people seeking the Peer Specialist Supervisor Certification under Texas Administrative Code, Rules 354.3105 and 354.3163. The certification qualification is necessary for organizations planning to bill Medicaid using the newly established Peer Services billing code. This workshop provides basic information that will benefit anyone providing direct supervision to Peer Specialists.

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