Person Centered Recovery Planning

Person Centered Recovery Planning

At Via Hope, we believe that person-centered behavioral health practices are grounded in this fundamental belief:

We can’t know what a person needs

Until we first understand what it is that they want. 

Person Centered Recovery Planning (PCRP) refers to philosophy, process, product, partnership, and written service plans that are all organized around what is most IMPORTANT TO the person. The core values of hope, autonomy, and supporting the dignity of risk drive the everyday work we do with people as they find a path toward the life they want to live. 

Since 2012, the Person Centered Recovery Planning (PCRP) program has worked with behavioral health provider organizations in Texas to effectively implement PCRP practices. Support is offered through public workshops, agency-specific support, and learning community programs.

Read below for more information about how Via Hope can support your organization’s implementation of PCRP:

Public Workshops

We offer a variety of stand-alone learning opportunities designed for people working in behavioral healthcare, which include:

To see a full list of upcoming workshops and register, please visit our workshops page

Beyond Training: Implementation Support

We offer a variety of stand-alone learning opportunities designed for people working in behavioral healthcare, which include:

Organizations working to implement person-centered practices in assessment, planning, and service delivery must go beyond staff training to see sustainable change. It’s not enough for staff to be trained on these concepts and practices – organizational leaders must consider needed changes to policies, processes, documentation templates, supervision/coaching, staff performance standards, and hiring practices, just to name a few. Check out this report by TIEMH for a comprehensive list of PCRP implementation domains and indicators.

Via Hope provides site specific support, working closely with organizational teams to assess their readiness for and progress with implementation; identify areas of strength and immediate challenges to implementation; and develop a plan to spread PCRP that reflects the specific needs and priorities of that agency. Activities may include:

  • Surveys and focus groups
  • Collaboration with Quality Management staff 
  • On-site PCRP skills training for staff
  • Consultation specific to individual service recipients
  • Access to training resources and materials
  • Training and coaching for agency-based trainers
  • Technical assistance for electronic health record changes
  • Supervisor/coach training and consultation

To contact us about getting agency specific support, complete this short form.

Learning Communities

Organizations interested in workshops and site specific implementation support may also wish to be connected with a network of other agencies navigating similar challenges. This type of support can be offered through Learning Community Programs. In a learning community, some activities are offered to a single site, allowing the deep exploration of issues and goals specific to that agency. Other activities bring people together from across agencies to facilitate collaboration and learning throughout the system. 

Learning communities can also bring together a specific group of people to focus on one area of change. For instance, the 2018-2019 PCRP Learning Community for Trainers focused on capacity building for site based PCRP training.  This program brought together teams of trainers from across Texas, provided access to Via Hope’s PCRP training materials, and included on-site observation and coaching to individual trainers.

What People Are Saying

Via Hope’s PCRP program has focused primarily on implementing a person-centered approach to service planning, while also promoting and teaching person-driven plan models that are not service plans but personal wellness plans (e.g. Wellness Recovery Action Planning® (WRAP®) or plans meant to serve as preparation for service planning (e.g.  Getting In the Driver’s Seat of Your Treatment: Preparing for Your Plan, available in English and Spanish).

The presenters were engaging, knowledgeable, patient and organized.
Virtual PCRP Workshop Participant, 2020
Very interactive, forced me out of my comfort zone
In-person PCRP Workshop Participant, 2017
I think that was really helpful having Via Hope so involved ….all the technical assistance calls and just being very open to our questions, I mean I think that’s what we needed to affect our culture change. 
Community Clinic Leadership/ PCRP Learning Community Participant, 2016
Via Hope brought credibility and expertise that helped us to understand the value of recovery planning from the patient’s perspective and was there to help guide us step by step through the implementation process.
Hospital Clinician and Program Director, 2014 PCRP Pilot Learning Community
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