Collaborative for Recovery Focused Change

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about the Collaborative for Recovery Focused Change.

If you have a question that’s not answered below or in the Program Overview, please reach out to us at

Do I need to be employed with an organization to participate in the Collaborative?

Yes, this program is oriented toward organizational change (or support for a project involving multiple agencies), so eligible applicants will be employed at an organization that provides behavioral health services. If you’re not currently affiliated with an organization, check out the Recovery Institute offerings for other opportunities.

Do I need to be employed in the state of Texas to participate in the Collaborative?

Yes. While we expect this event to be rich in content, the Collaborative for Recovery Focused Change will be oriented specifically to the Texas behavioral health system.

Eligibility requires that the agency receive public funding. What does this mean exactly?

This program is intended to primarily support not-for-profit organizations in the public behavioral health system. However, if your agency receives any public funding (e.g. Medicaid/Medicare, or contract with a state agency) and you’re not sure whether you qualify, please contact us directly at

Can previous applicants apply?


How many applicants will be accepted?

We expect to accept up to 10 teams for this program.

Can we apply if our program (or organization) is new?

Yes! The program is 18 months in duration in order to support the implementation of new practices or programs. We encourage organizations that are at any stage of adopting a recovery-oriented model or any stage of programmatic development to apply. Projects can be something new, or a refresh of an existing effort!

If my organization is applying as part of a cross-agency team, how many individuals are required to participate from each agency?

We require that your team consists of 4-6 individuals total, so you may have as few as one person representing each organization.

What if I’m unable to get a minimum of four people on my team?

This program is designed to support growth among large groups of behavioral health professionals and assumes significant involvement from a smaller group of core participants who will coordinate with others at their organization for ongoing program participation. If you’re unable to get a minimum of four people to make the commitment (either because of limited capacity for participation, or because you represent a very small group), this program may not be a good fit. If you’re unsure or believe that an exception is appropriate, please contact us at to discuss further.

Who qualifies as an “executive sponsor” for the purposes of the application’s letter of commitment?

An executive sponsor is someone in a position of authority who is aware of and involved in the program activities, and who agrees to pave the way for change at your organization. Typically, this person may be the CEO, Executive Director, Clinical Director, or Superintendent.

I can’t commit right now but I don’t want to miss this opportunity.

That’s okay, we will invite new applications next year. But be aware that the second round in 2022 will only get about 6 months of support (versus the 18 months of support for 2021 applicants).

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