Certified Family Partner Program

Certified Family Partner Program

In 2011, Via Hope worked with stakeholders across the state to develop a Certified Family Partner (CFP) training and certification program.  A Certified Family Partner is a parent or guardian who has lived experience raising a child with mental, emotional or behavioral health challenges and who has at least one year successfully navigating a child serving system.  The Certified Family Partner is trained to use this experience to help other parents/guardians for the purpose of educating, role modeling and providing hope related to the recovery process.

Currently, most Certified Family Partners work in community mental health centers, although there are a growing number in private and public hospitals, residential treatment centers, juvenile justice centers, and other settings. Family partners work to give voice to, and promote recovery and resiliency within, families of children with mental, emotional and behavioral health challenges. They work to raise awareness and reduce stigma around mental health in schools, faith communities, state agencies and communities.  It is a form of family peer support and is recognized by SAMHSA as an evidence-based practice.

This program was initially developed with funding from the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health through their partnership with the Department of State Health Services.  In addition to the basic certification training, Via Hope also developed several specialized trainings to help CFPs meet their continuing education requirements.  In 2014, Via Hope created a Family Partner Advisory Council to provide ongoing stakeholder input into policy decisions and the ongoing development of the family partner profession.  The CFP Program was eventually incorporated into the scope of work for Via Hope’s contract with the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC).

From 2011 through the end of our most recent contract with HHSC on August 31, 2020, Via Hope trained 311 Certified Family Partners.

Effective September 1, 2020, Via Hope no longer trains or certifies family partners.  HHSC will be developing a new training and certification system.  It is anticipated that training will be available through the HHSC Centralized Training Infrastructure system.  We have no other information; questions should be directed to HHSC.