Job Title: YPR Chapter Lead

Employer’s Name: Young People in Recovery

Location of the position: Houston, TX

Full time, part time, permanent, short-term, contracted position: Part-time (20 hours per week)

Brief (1-2 sentence) organization description: YPR’s mission is to provide the life skills and peer supports to help people recover from substance use disorder and reach their full potential.

General instructions to apply:  Please submit resume and letter of interest to the job board you apply through and with the subject line “Houston Chapter Lead”. Please indicate where you saw this posting or how you heard about the position. 


Job role and purpose: YPR is seeking individuals to facilitate the launch and running of a local YPR chapter in their respective communities.


Required qualifications:

  • Experience working successfully with diverse communities
  • Understanding of substance use prevention, treatment, and recovery 
  • Positive and supportive attitude toward all pathways of recovery 
  • Sensitivity and awareness of the unique needs and stigmas associated with underserved populations
  • Excellent organizational, communication, and leadership skills


Preferred qualifications:

  • Experience working successfully with young adults
  • Experience working successfully with people with substance use disorders
  • Experience working successfully with those involved in the criminal justice system
  • Previous training and certification in trauma-informed response, cultural competency, and peer education
  • Bilingual (Spanish/English)


To whom the position reports (supervisor): Brendon Hamacher 

Salary and benefits info: Compensation: $10 per hour. No benefits

Deadline for application: Until Filled