Job Title: Recovery Support Team Leader

Employer’s Name: Matthew’s Hope Foundation

Location of the position: Houston, Texas

Full time, part time, permanent, short-term, contracted position: Full-Time

Brief (1-2 sentence) organization description: The purpose of the Recovery Support Team (RST) is to provide recovery support, case management, referral, and service coordination to participants in the Matthews Hope Recovery Program Recovery Support Team to facilitate recovery from opioid use disorder and achieve overall wellness in life. The RST provides support and accountability to participants in the program to enhance their motivation to achieve long-term recovery from opioid use disorder through face to face consultations and technology assisted services.

General instructions to apply: Submit a resume cover letter in .pdf file format to Vaughn Bryant to the email  

The cover letter should explain your philosophy about recovery from opioid use disorder and how your training and experience qualify you to fill the Recovery Support Team Leader position.   

Job role and purpose:

  1. The Recovery Support Team Leader (RSTL) has the primary purpose of managing the client’s overall engagement in their own personal recovery and wellness program.
  2. The RSTL will meet with the RST client for case management on a weekly basis.  
  3. The RSTL will make a daily “check-in” phone call with the RST client to enhance motivation for adherence to the continuing care plan (CCP).  
  4. The RSTL will communicate weekly with the other RST team members for collaborative consultation about the RST client’s engagement and progress in the program. 

7.    The RSTL will maintain a client record for each RST client and document a summary of all consultation and case management sessions.

Required qualifications:

  1. The RSTL is a peer recovery support specialist certified by the Texas Certification Board (TCB) or licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services with at least one of the following professional certifications or mental healthcare licenses;
    1. Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist (PRSS)
    2. Certified Mental Health Peer Specialist (MHPS)
    3. Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC) or LCDC Intern
  1. The RSTL will have at least 2 years of client care experience as a provider of treatment for opioid use disorders.

Preferred qualifications:

Certification as a Peer Recovery Support Specialist

To whom the position reports (supervisor):

Clinical Director

Salary and benefits info: Salary is competitive based on training, experience and certification or licensure.

Deadline for application: August 21, 2020.