Job Title: Peer Specialist

Employer’s Name:    The Center For Health Care Services

Location of the position:  928 W. Commerce Street

Full time, part time, permanent, short-term, contracted position: Full Time

Brief (1-2 sentence) organization description: The Center For Health Care Services improves the lives of people with mental health disorders, developmental disabilities and substance abuse challenges.


General instructions to apply:

  • On line application at:
  • May submit a resume to:


Job role and purpose: The Certified Peer Specialist uses their lived experience in mental health recovery to assist other adults in their mental health recovery.


Required qualifications:  

  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Self-identified as having direct personal experience living with mental illness and recovery, with a primary diagnosis of mental illness or dual diagnosis, and/or with homelessness.
  • One year of experience working on recovery and able to manage own wellness
  • Agree to disclose own experiences with mental health recovery for the purpose of educating, role modeling and providing hope to others about the reality of recovery.
  • Proficiency with standard Microsoft Office programs and systems databases.


Preferred qualifications: 

  • Experience working in an organization providing mental health and/or homeless services.
  • Strong professional verbal and written communication skills.


To whom the position reports (supervisor): Carmen J. Choumont, RN


Salary and benefits info: 

$31,200 annual salary ($15.00 per hour)

Compensation Package

Recruiting and retaining talented individuals is important to us. At the Center for Health Care Services, we are committed to providing our employees with a total compensation package that includes competitive pay, affordable health and wellness benefits, generous paid time off, flexible work schedules, professional development opportunities and generous retirement savings options.

We have wide range of career opportunities and hope you will join us in our mission!

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The Center for Health Care Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer