Job Title: Certified Peer Specialist

Employer’s Name: Peer Hopes Mental Health Support

Location of the position: Online

Full time, part time, permanent, short-term, contracted position: contracted

Brief (1-2 sentence) organization description:  Peer Hopes is a private owned peer ran organization that provides individual and group peer support.  We are bringing on certified peers from all over to contract with us to provide support.  We are opening up to just 8 more positions and will not take everyone that applies. 

General instructions to apply: Please send email with your resume and proof of certification to 

Job role and purpose: The roll of the position is to provide online support in the form of groups and or individual meetings.  Allowing for a diversity of people and groups for the peers we serve to have a selection.

Required qualifications: 18years of age, high school diploma, and certification of being a peer specialist.  Must have own computer with video access and internet.

Preferred qualifications: 2 years’ experience in online or telephone support

To whom the position reports (supervisor): Lesley Hooper

Salary and benefits info: apply for details of contract

Deadline for application: 12/01/2020