Location of the position:  6812 Bandera Road and 104 Story Lane

Full time, part time, permanent, short-term, contracted position:  Full time

Brief (1-2 sentence) organization description: The Center For Health Care Services improves the lives of people with mental health, developmental disabilities, and substance abuse challenges.


General instructions to apply:

Online application at: http://www.chcsbc.org.
May submit a resume to: careers@chcsbc.org


Job role and purpose: The Family Partner Specialists Provides an array of direct (face-to-face) and indirect services to caregivers in a child-centered, family focused approach. These services are delivered in multiple types of settings including field based services in the child’s home, the child’s school, or other identified community locations in San Antonio.


Required qualifications:  

  1. High School Diploma or GED
  2. Parent of or  the primary caregiver who has raised a child receiving mental health services for a mental illness or has a child who in the past received mental health services for a mental illness for one (1) year
  3. Experience in navigating systems to obtain services for their child/family
  4. Has supported/assisted other families in obtaining assistance, OR experience in navigating services for self
  5. Experience with parent or family engagement in a community or non-profit organization is an asset to this position
  6. Evening and weekend work to accommodate families and activities will be required
  7. Able to provide strong advocacy with a non-judgmental approach to working with families.
  8. Proficiency with standard Microsoft Office applications and system databases
  9. Strong professional verbal and written skills


Preferred qualifications:  Bilingual (English/Spanish)

To whom the position reports (supervisor): D. Haines and F. Lindsey