Job Title: Certified Peer Support Specialist

Employer’s Name: Christabel, LLC

Christabel LLC is a provider agency of the Home and Community Based Services – Adult Mental Health (HCBS-AMH) program. We provide services for adults who have experienced extended stay in psychiatric hospitals, people with frequent arrests and people with frequent Emergency Room visits.

Location of the position:  Austin, TX

Full time, part time, permanent, short-term, contracted position: Contract or Part time

General instructions to apply: Forward resume with references to or call 682-307-1604 to indicate interest and start the application process.

Job role and purpose: Serving as positive role model to our clients who are currently on the road to their own recovery and providing community services that are therapeutic. An ideal Peer Specialist is required to be able to write good notes of every encounter with clients.

Required qualifications:   Lived experience with Mental Health Diagnosis and Certification in Peer Support/Peer mentoring services. An ideal candidate must have fully recovered from Substance Use.

Preferred qualifications:  Associate degree and above.

To whom the position reports (supervisor): Mr Phillip Anthony, MA, LPC, LCDC. (Team Lead for services).

Salary and benefits info:  $20/hr with health insurance, $25/hr without health insurance. Position offers flexibility of when to meet with clients.


Deadline for application:  May 31st, 2020.