Person Centered Planning

Person Centered Planning has been described as “a collaborative process resulting in a recovery oriented [care] plan; is directed by consumers and produced in partnership with care providers and natural supporters for treatment and recovery; supports consumer preferences and a recovery orientation” (Adams & Grieder, 2005).

The shift to a Person-Centered Recovery Planning (PCRP) process requires essential, fundamental shifts in system, culture and practice transformation and is mutually reinforcing with other changes in the field, such as the ANSA and CANS, Illness Management and Recovery, and required outcomes related to such factors as reduced hospital readmissions. Widespread adoption of person centered recovery planning will be a multi-year effort, requiring an ongoing commitment of state and local stakeholders to this approach.

To learn more about Person-Centered Recovery Planning, you may contact Via Hope staff by clicking here. You can also view the online forum on PCRP here and related resources here.

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