Leadership Academy

Since 2010, the Recovery Institute Leadership Academy (RILA) has worked with provider organizations to deepen their recovery orientation by promoting shared leadership and creating organizational change.

In order to strengthen recovery-oriented leadership and increase capacity to meaningfully provide recovery-oriented services, RILA will work with organizations to explore the relationship between staff well-being and quality service provision. Specifically, the 2017 phase of RILA will focus on supporting provider organizations as they work to implement practices that promote recovery and wellness for people who receive services, and—for the first time, directly—for staff. RILA Teams will explore how to address staff burnout, secondary traumatic stress, and compassion fatigue through a series of on-site assessments, trainings, and webinars. RILA Teams will work toward transforming organizational factors that contribute to compassion fatigue and develop strategies to promote self care and organizational wellness.

To learn more about the Recovery Institute Leadership Academy, please contact the RILA Coordinator.

The 2017 Recovery Institute Application will open October 19th!

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