Recovery Institute

The Via Hope Recovery Institute aims to promote mental health system transformation by helping organizations develop practices that support and expect recovery, and by promoting the voices of people with lived experience, youth, and family members in the transformation process.

Recovery Institute initiatives are designed to support the implementation of new practices, shift organizational culture, promote innovation, and increase collaboration within and among teams, preparing organizations to meet the challenges and opportunities arising in our rapidly changing environment. The Via Hope Recovery Institute interfaces with transformation efforts facilitated directly by Texas Department of State Health Services Mental Health and Substance Abuse Division and is a significant component of the Division’s transformation strategy. The Institute is funded by DSHS MHSA and the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health. Evaluation for the Recovery Institute is funded by DSHS MHSA and provided by the Texas Institute for Excellence in Mental Health at The University of Texas at Austin Center for Social Work Research.

The Institute is comprised primarily of four major projects, each requiring a different degree of commitment from participating organizations. You can learn more about each of the projects by viewing the program sub-pages on the left-hand side. These projects include:

Awareness Building,

Leadership Academy,

Peer Specialist Integration Project and

Person-Centered Planning.