Co-Occurring Challenges (Endorsement Training)

The Co-Occurring Challenges Training is a two day training designed to educate Certified Peer Specialists and Certified Recovery Coaches about the philosophies, issues, and practices underlying each other’s work.

Half of each training class is comprised of Certified Peer Specialists and the other half is comprised of Certified Recovery Coaches. To be eligible for the training, a Certified Peer Specialist must have been employed or volunteering as a peer specialist at least half time for a minimum of six months.

The Recovery Support Services to Peers with Co-Occurring Challenges curriculum has been developed as a resource for experienced peer recovery coaches and certified peer specialists from the substance use and mental health recovery support communities.  The curriculum provides an interactive approach to:

• Cross-training on substance use and mental health recovery

• Developing practical skills for working peers who assist those living with co-occurring challenges.

Development of this training was a joint effort of Via Hope and the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Division of the Department of State Health Services.  The training consists of the following modules:

Module 1. Introductions/Training Objectives

Module 2.  Same Ideas, Different Words

Module 3.  What’s happening in Texas

Module 4.  Which Door Did You Walk Through?  Systems of Care, History and Cultures of Recovery.

Module 5.  The Role of Trauma

Module 6.  The Chicken, the Egg, and the Omelet/ Co-occurring Experiences

Module 7.  This All Sounds Good/Using Motivational Interviewing in the Real World

Module 8.  When the Lines Get Blurry/Boundaries and Transference

Module 9.  Moving Forward

For a list of upcoming trainings and instructions on how to apply, visit our Events Page.