The Wraparound Process (Endorsement Training)

The Wraparound endorsement training for Certified Family Partners (CFPs) is a two day training which provides a comprehensive understanding on the role of the CFP with a family who is using the wraparound process to gain successful outcomes for their youth and family.

This training is interactive, covering the principles and values of wraparound and the specific role of the family partner within each; team membership, specifically looking at how the family partner can effectively participate and assist the family; and explore the components of each of the four phases of wraparound with a checklist of CFP responsibilities to assist the family through each.

The training will provide opportunities to explore actual family case studies using the wraparound process. The CFP will gain skills in assisting the family to understand how to identify and use their strengths toward successful outcomes; coaching tips to encourage the family to use their voice to make informed choices, driving the process and their plan; as well as, step-by step  tools to use with the family to assist the process.

The participant will receive 12 CEU credits.