Special Education (Endorsement Training)

The Special Education Endorsement training is a three day training to assist the Certified Family Partner in understanding how to assist a family who may find their child/youth struggling in school; what options the family has in advocating for the rights of their child in public education; what safeguards are in place to assist the family in securing an appropriate education setting, addressing the unique needs of the child.

This training will explore the rights and responsibilities of parents/LAR; a comparison of the education laws, as they pertain to accommodations and special education; and how to assist the parents/LAR in writing the appropriate requests to a school or district.

The training will provide an understanding of the tiered instruction approach used in Texas, examining Response to Intervention, Section 504 and IDEA. The CFP will gain an understanding of the qualifying disabilities for Special Education, and the development of an Individualized Education Plan, as well as, providing tools to assist families to appropriately advocate for their child’s successful education.

The participant will receive 15 CEU credits.