Certified Family Partner Advisory Council

The CFP Advisory Council provides advice and guidance to Via Hope staff on policy issues related to the Via Hope CFP certification process, changes in the curriculum for certification training, development of additional Endorsement trainings, resolution of ethics complaints, and development of the Certified Family Partner profession.

The Council has approximately twelve (12) members who must be currently employed or volunteering in at least a half-time position as a Certified Family Partner and must have a minimum of one year’s experience in a half-time position as a CFP.  This employment may be in a child-serving organization, community mental health center, state hospital, other private mental health provider, or similar organization.

The Council generally meets in person four times per year.  Subcommittees may meet independently of the full Council.

In selecting members, the Council maintains a diverse membership in terms of ethnicity, age, geographic location, rural or urban setting, the length of experience, and participation in other Via Hope initiatives.  The Council also functions as a subcommittee of the Via Hope Recovery Stakeholders Committee, and the Council chair is a member of that Committee.

Members serve for staggered two-year terms. A notice is sent to all current Certified Family Partners whenever there are one or more vacancies, and individuals nominate themselves.  The Council’s membership subcommittee makes recommendations to the Director of Via Hope, who appoints the members.

Minutes from the last meeting can be downloaded here.

2016-2017 Council Members (in alphabetical order)

Ginger Andrews

Pam Bogie (outgoing)

Angela Davis

Donna Fagan

Beth Federico (re-elected)

Lynne Friese (re-elected)

Stormy Holifield

Angie Jackson (outgoing)

Shea Meadows (Chair) 

Tammy Wheeles

New Council Members 2017

Amaya Flores

Kajeanna Jones