Family Partner Training and Certification

Via Hope trains and certifies Family Partners in the state of Texas. A Certified Family Partner (CFP) is a parent or guardian who has lived experience raising a child with mental or emotional challenges and who has learned to successfully navigate the systems of care.

The Certified Family Partner is trained to use this experience to help other parents experiencing these issues for the first time.

Currently, most Certified Family Partners work in community mental health centers, although their skills are useful in many other venues. The Certified Family Partners (CFP) course is an intensive 3 day training.  For the convenience of the participants,a certification exam will be administered the last afternoon after training is completed. The certification exam is to ensure the family partner has the minimal competency skills to execute their responsibilities. It examines the application of the skills learned in the training, but does not test training recall. 

Participants must successfully complete both to receive their certification. The curriculum used was developed by Texas stakeholders and Via Hope staff, based on resources from several other states. 

Once certified, family partners must earn at least 20 CEUs every two years to maintain their certification.  The program is administered according to the policies in the Certified Family Partners Policy and Procedure Manual (click link to download).

Via Hope works to give voice to, and promote recovery and resiliency within, families of children with mental health diagnoses.  Via Hope works to raise awareness and reduce discrimination around mental health in schools, faith communities, state agencies and communities.

To learn more about the Family Partner Training and Certification program, contact Family Coordinator, Christianna Hale at

For a list of upcoming CFP "basic" trainings, please visit our List of Upcoming CFP Trainings on our events page.

In addition to the basic certification training, Via Hope also provides:

  • The Wraparound Process
  • Special Education
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Nurturing Parenting Endorsement

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