Peer Run Organization Project

Peer Run Organizations play a vital role in a recovery-oriented behavioral health system. Since 2012, Via Hope has coordinated projects that support Consumer Operated Service Providers (COSPs) and related peer-run organizations.

The Peer Run Organizations Project is designed to help leaders of peer run organizations strengthen organizational capacities, engage in sustainability planning, and build alliances through training, technical assistance and intentional networking. PROP works with two types of peer run organizations.

Consumer Operated Service Providers (COSPs) are a SAMHSA-recognized Evidence Based Practice. COSPs are independent organizations operated and governed by individuals in recovery, and a fundamental component of their services is peer support. COSPs have a unique and valuable role in a recovery-oriented system of care.

Recovery Community Organizations (RCOs) are similar to COSPs but work in the area of recovery from addiction.  Recovery community organizations are independent, nonprofit, and led and governed by people in recovery, family members, friends and allies.  While each organization has its own mission, they all focus on the core purposes of public education, advocacy, and peer-based and other recovery support services.