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Recovery Reads Selection and Discussion Guide for November 2016


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Recovery Reads is a quarterly online series. We encourage everyone to read the articles and discussion questions and post questions and comments. We’d love to get an online discussion going! Please login (or create an account) to join the discussion.


Our article this month is “In response to the election” By Claire Ranit. You can access the article here:


This article is from acesconnection.com. If you would like to learn more about acesconnection.com you can listen to our November Best Practices session which was co-hosted by their Policy Analyst Elizabeth Prewitt:


Discussion Questions (also attached)

1.) The article points out that “There are intense emotions being felt throughout our community and our nation on both sides of the political aisle.” How can peer specialists support the people we serve who are experiencing intense emotions?

2.) The author writes “I also have tools at my disposal to help self-regulate when emotions become too strong to handle; things like deep breathing, taking a walk, and meditation among many other practices.  I have the power and opportunity to take action to help others and a social responsibility to do so.” What are some of the tools that you utilize when emotions become too strong to handle?

3.) The author points out the difference between asking “what’s wrong” versus “what happened.” What does this difference mean to you?


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