Family Connections - What does “Hope, Resilience, and Recovery” Really Look Like?

“Hope, Resilience, and Recovery for Everyone” is the vision statement of the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Division (MHSA) of the Department of State Health Services (DSHS). This includes children and families, but what does that really look like for them?

SAMHSA defines Resilience as: The ability to adapt well over time to life-changing situations and stressful conditions. Resiliency is the ability of a child/youth to achieve positive outcomes in spite of personal and environmental risk factors. The Texas mental health system is focusing on being a resilience-based system helping children/youth and their families to reduce the risk factors that can hinder success and increase the protective factors that will foster resilience.

Due to the many challenges and obstacles families face in caring for their child with mental health issues, families often times don’t realize how resilient they really are. Overcoming adversities of loneliness, isolation, and the false parenting assumptions are just a few of the many hurdles families face. Add loss of wages or even loss of your job, due to caring for your child, as well as many other changes and stressors a family faces, can blind a family to the resilience they are exhibiting. Family Partners can help families identify this and provide examples of experiences from their own lived experiences that help the family acknowledge their own resilience.

Family Partners have a key role in assisting families on their recovery journey, helping them see the resilience it takes to face a challenging world, then helping them find the answers they need to help their child/youth be successful. Family Partners find themselves being a role model for families, assisting them in understanding their child’s mental health needs, then helping them advocate for the appropriate services. Their personal recovery journey aids others in learning how to celebrate the success each family takes toward recovery and strengthening their resilience. 

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