Family Connections - Education

Many parents dread hearing the words “special education” when it comes to their child’s educational experience.

Every parent or guardian needs to know and understand that their child has a right to a free and appropriate education. Knowledge is power and when a parent or guardian arms themselves with knowledge and understand the laws surrounding education they give their child the chance to be successful in the school setting.

Over the last few months, certified family partners have had the opportunity to increase their knowledge of the laws as they pertain to accommodations and special education. During endorsement trainings, they have reviewed the rights and responsibilities parents have under those laws and what is appropriate for parents to request from a school or district.

As family partners, we are there to help parents seek the appropriate services their child needs to become as successful as they can. We are not there as a professional advocate and definitely do not want to give the impression that we are experts in the laws. We are there to help the parents we work with to gain their voice in advocating for their child.

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